• Ben Dhesi

    Managing Director

  • Dr Tony West

    Energy Trading Consultant

  • Purdeep Kang

    Operations Director

  • Karen Dickie

    Head of UK Operations

  • Steve Andre

    Head of UK Energy Sales

  • Robin Hamaker

    Energy Consultant

  • Gerald Wayne

    Head of Business Development

  • Jonathan Hatt

    Operations and Administration Team Leader

  • Amar Dhesi

    Senior Account Manager

  • Sophie Jones

    Senior Account Manager

  • Dominika Krztuk

    Account Manager

  • Jennifer Dickie

    Operations Administrator

  • Sheetal Shekhar

    Operations Administrator

  • Sharmila Gnanaganeshan

    Operations Administrator

  • Mark Stevenson

    Managing Director (Energy for Education Co-Operative)

  • Amy Edwards

    Energy Director (Energy for Education Co-Operative)